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About Us

The Women’s Auxiliary to the American Veterinary Medical Association was formed on August 22, 1917, during AVMA meetings at the Kansas Veterinary College in Missouri. In 1939, it was incorporated in the State of Illinois. In 1977, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the name to “Auxiliary to the American Veterinary Medical Association.”

The organization’s first action in 1917 was to provide assistance to those veterinarians who had been disabled or killed during World War I, or to their families.

In 1921, the Auxiliary started providing loans to veterinary students, a program which continued until 2012. Throughout the years the Auxiliary raised money in various ways, such as its popular Market Place of States, to increase the money available for student loans.

Beginning in 1945, the Auxiliary became involved in various public relations activities in support of veterinarians and the AVMA.

Helping with fund raising for various AVMA projects was added in 1951, including the AVMA Research Trust and the AVMA Congressional Fellowship Fund.

Across the years, the Auxiliary has undertaken many educational projects, including compiling an approved list of books that enhance knowledge of veterinary medicine/profession, and printing various informational pamphlets.

In 2013, the Auxiliary converted $2 million from the Student Loan Fund into the Auxiliary to the American Veterinary Medical Association Legacy Endowed Scholarship, which is being administered by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Throughout the years, Auxiliary members have enjoyed the fellowship with our members and their families at a variety of working and social events during the AVMA Conventions and in our home states. We have made many friends and enjoyed supporting our veterinarians and their profession.

The Auxiliary to the AVMA continues fulfilling its purpose of supporting the veterinary profession as it looks forward to its 100th anniversary in 1917, celebrating its Centennial.